She began her studies with Eliana Karin (Vaganova method).

Graduated from the San Francisco Ballet School (1993/1994) CA.

Having studied and worked with renowned professionals ,among them :


Eliana Karin, Fernando Bujones, Márcia Haydée, Tatiana Leskova , Dalal Achcar, Maria Luisa Noronha, Mirian Guimarães, Gisele Santoro, Jorge Esquivel, Irina Jacobson, Natalia Makarova, Yelena Pankova, Boris Storojkov, Lola de Avila , Helgi Tomasson, Jocelyn Vollmar, Larissa Sklyanskaya, Josefina Mendes, Laura Alonso , Vladimir Vasiliev, Gustavo Malajoli, Slawa Mouchamedov, Eugênia Feodorova, Eloísa Menezes, Eric Frederic, Dennis Gray, Richard Cragun, Jane Bourne, Rosália Verlangieri, Sergio Lobato, Denis Bonner, Desmond Kelly, David Parsons, Marco Pierin, Cyril Atanassoff, Mauricio Wainrot, Joysanne Sidimus, Alain Leroy, Eric Valdo, Aldo Lotufo, Irene Orazem, Márcia Pinheiro, Hélio Bejani, Marcelo Misaillidis, César Lima , Celeste Lima , Sônia Villela,  João Wlamir, Ronaldo Martins ,Teresa Augusta , Manoel Francisco,  Jorge Siqueira  , Sasha Svetoff, Nora Esteves , Luis Ortigosa ,

Luis Arrieta, Ivonice Satie , Luiggi Bonino , Fauzi Mansur,  Pedro kraszczuk,  Victor Navarro, Renato Vieira,

Gisele Santoro , Kaká Boa Morte , Olga Evreinoff, Cristina Helena  and  Jean-Yves Esquerre.

Specialization in Boston Ballet-1994.

Cuba (Havana) -Cuballet (1988 and 1992)

Piano Course and Written Musical Theory (Centro Musical Antônio Adolfo-1995/1997).

Acting course-Prof. Pedro Oliveira-1996.

Intensive English course at John Adams School (San Francisco-CA) 1993/1994.

Graduated from the English Course IBEU (1995)

Attended 2 years of IBEU's Teacher Training Course (TTC-1996/1997)

2003/2015 - 12 years of intensive Pilates training as a complementary Dancer’s routine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Equilíbrio Pilates Yoga and Instituto Pilates Zen)

2008 - Integral Teacher Training in Pilates at Physical Center Serviços de Fisioterapia (Brazil)

2019 - CPR / AED / First Aid certification

2019 - Pilates Method Alliance certification (PMA)

2019 - NCPT - Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

2020 - ABT Certified Teacher - ABT Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 3 of the ABT National Training 

CECs (Continuing Education Credits):

  • Scapular Stability: Shouldering the Load

  • Vital Anatomy-Functional Applications 

  • Isolation to Integration : Corrective Exercise from a Functional Perspective Course

  • Anatomy: Reconnect With Your Spine Muscles

  • Cue Movement and Exercise With Abdominal Anatomy, by NFPT

  • Back to Basics With Anatomy 

  • Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

  • Training Fascia- Research Developments in Fibrous Connective Tissue Training

  • 10 New BIG Things in Small-Group Training

  • Cue Movement and Exercise With Hip Anatomy, by NFPT

  • Baby Boomers- The Truth about Stretching

  • Understanding and Interpreting the Functional Movement Screen

  • Restoring Fundamental Movement Patterns with Corrective Strategies

  • Transformational Posture

  • Beyond Randoness: Exercise Selection Based on Movement Screening

  • Quick Fix Workouts

  • Core Connections: Progression Strategies to Enhance Core Function

  • It Takes Guts! Connecting the Brain, Diet and Microbiome

  • Anatomy of a Fitness Business

  • Make your Barre Classes a HIIT

  • Generate Buzz With Simple Marketing

  • Dynamic Stretching Tricks and Tools

  • TriggerPoint - Myofascial Compression - Techniques for Injury Prevention and Better Movement

  • Upper Extremity Mechanics and Techniques

  • Fascial Line Mobility

  • Functional Assessment for Special Populations

  • Beyond the Macros: Placing the Focus Back on Nutrition- Dense Foods

  • Pilates on the Ball

  • Pilates 50/50

  • Pilates is Functional Training

  • Integrating Physiological Principles Into a Comprehensive Pilates Program

  • Caffeinated Pilates Course

  • Progressive Pilates

  • Designing a Self-Myofascial Release Program

  • Total Massage, Relaxation and Beyond

  • TriggerPoint Corrective Strategies for Hip Dysfunction

  • Training and Injury Prevention: Shoulder and Spine
  • Improve Stability and Posture with a Stability Ball by CHEK Institute

  • From the Hip

  • Group Exercise Application for Training the Posterior Chain

  • Run Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces, by EBFA

  • Sleep Science for Fitness Professionals

  • Cardio-Strength Circuits For Fun And Function!

  • Body Weight Training - Amped Up

  • Motivational Interviewing Skills Produce Targeted Results

  • Functional Anatomy: The Secret to Efficient Movement

  • Your Guide to Stronger Legs and Great Glutes!

  • The Neuroscience of Behavior Change: How to Train the Brain to Create Healthier Habits

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Series

  • Personal Trainer Basics: Stabilization and Endurance NASM OPT Model Phase 1

  • High Intensity Interval Training - Programming with Body Weight, Towels, and Bands

  • Dietary Strategies for Cardiovascular Health

  • Motivational Interviewing: Help Clients Own Talk That Drives the Walk

  • NASM’s Updated Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model-New Guidelines and Protocols