Pilates Instructor in Orlando

Adriana teaches Stretching, Pilates and Ballet Classes in Orlando (USA)

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2003/2015 - 12 years of intensive Pilates training as a complementary Dancer’s routine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Equilíbrio Pilates Yoga and Instituto Pilates Zen)

2008 - Integral Teacher Training in Pilates at Physical Center Serviços de Fisioterapia (Brazil)

2019 - CPR / AED / First Aid certification

2019 - Pilates Method Alliance certification (PMA)

2019 - NCPT - Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

CECs (Continuing Education Credits):

  • Scapular Stability: Shouldering the Load

  • Vital Anatomy-Functional Applications 

  • Isolation to Integration : Corrective Exercise from a Functional Perspective Course

  • Anatomy: Reconnect With Your Spine Muscles

  • Cue Movement and Exercise With Abdominal Anatomy, by NFPT

  • Back to Basics With Anatomy 

  • Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

  • Training Fascia- Research Developments in Fibrous Connective Tissue Training

  • 10 New BIG Things in Small-Group Training

  • Cue Movement and Exercise With Hip Anatomy, by NFPT

  • Baby Boomers- The Truth about Stretching

  • Understanding and Interpreting the Functional Movement Screen

  • Restoring Fundamental Movement Patterns with Corrective Strategies

  • Transformational Posture

  • Beyond Randoness: Exercise Selection Based on Movement Screening

  • Quick Fix Workouts

  • Core Connections: Progression Strategies to Enhance Core Function

  • It Takes Guts! Connecting the Brain, Diet and Microbiome

  • Anatomy of a Fitness Business

  • Make your Barre Classes a HIIT

  • Generate Buzz With Simple Marketing

  • Dynamic Stretching Tricks and Tools

  • TriggerPoint - Myofascial Compression - Techniques for Injury Prevention and Better Movement

  • Upper Extremity Mechanics and Techniques

  • Fascial Line Mobility

  • Functional Assessment for Special Populations

  • Beyond the Macros: Placing the Focus Back on Nutrition- Dense Foods

  • Pilates on the Ball

  • Pilates 50/50

  • Pilates is Functional Training

  • Integrating Physiological Principles Into a Comprehensive Pilates Program

  • Caffeinated Pilates Course

  • Progressive Pilates

  • Designing a Self-Myofascial Release Program

  • Total Massage, Relaxation and Beyond

  • TriggerPoint Corrective Strategies for Hip Dysfunction

  • Training and Injury Prevention: Shoulder and Spine
  • Improve Stability and Posture with a Stability Ball by CHEK Institute

  • From the Hip

  • Group Exercise Application for Training the Posterior Chain

  • Run Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces, by EBFA

  • Sleep Science for Fitness Professionals

  • Cardio-Strength Circuits For Fun And Function!

  • Body Weight Training - Amped Up