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Ballet and Pilates Instructor at Movez Dance,
Club Pilates Altamonte Springs and Club Pilates Lake Mary,

 and Personal Coaching

    Adriana is a Brazilian who started her ballet studies at the age of three. She began her studies with Eliana Karin, who danced at the Mariinsky Theatre (Vaganova method). Adriana graduated with a full scholarship (room and board) at the San Francisco Ballet School, after winning the XXI Prix de Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1993.


   She worked at the Cia. Fernando Bujones in Brazil and also had the opportunity to perform in several countries (Peru, Switzerland, Argentina, Cuba, and the USA) and also in several cities in Brazil (São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Salvador, Maranhão, Belém, Joinville, among many others), but she settled in the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), one of the most important theaters in Latin America, where she worked as Soloist Dancer, Ballet Instructor, and Artistic Director Assistant. Having studied and worked with renowned professionals, among them: Fernando Bujones, Márcia Haydée, Tatiana Leskova, Eugenia Feodorova, Jorge Esquivel, Natalia Makarova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Irina Jacobson, and Olga Evreinoff. 

    ABT Certified Teacher (American Ballet Theatre), who has successfully completed the ABT Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 5 of the ABT National Training.

    PBT Certified Teacher Junior, Senior & Advanced Programs. ( Progressing Ballet Technique Certified).


    Adriana is a PMA certified instructor (Pilates Method Alliance), NCPT ( Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher), and she has many CECs (Continuing Education Courses) in Anatomy, Connective Tissues, Pilates, Functional Training, Myofascial Release Technique, Biomechanics, and Stretching, besides CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications.


    Adriana taught Ballet, Pointe, Classical Variations, Pilates, and Stretching in important academies in Brazil as Ballet Dalal Achcar, Ballet Tatiana Leskova, Studio Eliana Karin, Academia Arte em Movimento, and Escola Estadual de Dança Maria Olenewa.


    She moved to Orlando in 2017 and she taught classes at Russian Ballet Orlando, DanzForce Extreme, Shooting Stars Dance School, Dance 360 Orlando, and Skyra Studios. She teaches Ballet at Movez Dance, and Pilates at Club Pilates Altamonte Springs and Club Pilates Lake Mary, Crosby Wellness Center in Winter Park, and Baldwin Park ROA.

   Adriana does private coaching. ( virtual and/or classroom coaching).

   Adriana is married to the world-renowned photographer Henry Pontual, who has many photography books published.


    Owner of the family business Headshot Orlando. 


    They have two wonderful children called Gabriel and Marina.

trama dri love.png


Adriana Duarte Pontual

Maiden Name

Adriana Dias Duarte








Portuguese - Native
English - Fluent
Spanish - Fluent




          Each year we spend time in Orlando, visiting and for a respite from our cold Maine winters.  When we return home I am always sad to be leaving Adriana and her awesome classes, which I attend faithfully.  She is incredibly gracious and kind, as well as very professional and oh-so knowledgeable.  But voila!  Now the classes are on Zoom and are still wonderful, and I attend every one of them.  They are very helpful for my back challenges and core strength, and a highlight of my COVID-19 weeks.  I am very grateful that they are available virtually now.  Thanks so much Adriana.

Tally Avener


          Since the very first Pilates class that I took with Adriana, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! She is an incredible professional and has a perfect way to teach and to help EVERY SINGLE student, with kindness, and challenging us to always improve our movements.
Adriana also has background in Ballet. That means, during the class, she is paying attention if we are doing the exercises correctly, with beautiful posture, breathing, stretching and always remembering us to respect our bodies and limits. 
The best thing is, in regular or online classes, we always have a group with all ages participating together. We work the body and mind combined. We leave the class filling so much better and stretched.
Adriana classes are excellent!          

Amélia Santos 


          Thanks so much, Adriana, for the wonderful way you teach!  Not only do we learn to use all our muscles in a graceful way, but also to breath properly as we go through each phase.  All this as you do everything you ask us to do, with a big smile on your face the entire time.  It is an absolutely amazing experience to be in your class!  You make everything look so easy.  I hope you will continue with us.  Thank you so much!  Fondly, Pat Helton

Patricia J. Helton


          I had never taken a pilates class before so I did not know what to expect.   Adriana was very patient and clear with her instructions and performs each exercise with the class to ensure we are doing the exercise correctly.  She is very helpful and encouraging and adds various modifications to keep the class new and challenging. What is also very impressive is that she also works very hard to learn the names of the participants and provides personal words of encouragement.  In listening to others who train regularly it is also clear that she is one of the most popular and respected instructors at the Cosby Wellness Center. 

Andy Ray


          Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance  I absolutely love your classes!  They have such precise musicality and flow!  You are a beautiful and inspirational artist and teacher!  I am so grateful to be apart of your classes and have you as my teacher!

Lara Paraschiv


          Ms. Adriana is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have met. She is always very caring towards her students and has a warm disposition that makes all her students feel welcome and her class so enjoyable. She also is incredibly helpful with technique and pointers to refine our dancing--even if you haven't been dancing your whole life, she is extremtly helpful! I feel like I've improved so much since she came to our studio. Not only is she an amazing teacher and beautiful dancer, but she is also hilarious and makes us laugh, and she is always in a good mood!  I always feel so happy after her classes. 

Kaylea Smith


          I started taking classes with Ms. Adriana one month ago at Russian Ballet Orlando. I especially enjoy her adult ballet classes and beginner pointe class very much. I have been dancing since I was 11, but never had a chance to take pointe class, and never been able to find a pointe class for adult until I found her. Ms. Adriana is a great teacher and very caring to students. She taught me in details from how to do pointe shoes fitting to how to protect feet, how to practice the movement and so on. She made the class very enjoyable, and I feel I am getting stronger and stronger week after week.  I have been craving for pointe classes since I was a child. Being able to take the class with Ms. Adriana is like a dream comes true for me. 

          She is also a beautiful gorgeous dancer, and I love the artistic movements from the class. Thank you Ms. Adriana for being my first ballet pointe teacher. I highly recommend anyone to take her class.

Feifei Wang


          I have been working with Adriana for almost 6 months now, and I still look forward to our lessons. She is the most patient, kind and loving teacher! She pushes me to be the best that I can be, whilst also knowing when it's enough! Needless to say, I am very glad and grateful to have her in my life. Her skills and compassion makes her the best teacher to have on your side! 

Aly Etienne


          Mrs. Adriana, I just wanted to say thank you for reviving my love for Ballet. I didn't start dancing until I was 15, so my journey with Ballet has been an interesting one. During college I was having to go off campus in order to keep up with dance because they didn't offer it where I attended. So, among all the classes and work I was trying to balance Ballet and other dance classes as well. I was actually one of the worst dancers in the class and I felt kind of pushed aside. Amid the craziness of schoolwork and not feeling good enough, I lost my love for it. I am so glad I found Russian Ballet Orlando and more specifically, You. Sometimes when you are demonstrating to the class, I get lost in the beauty of your dancing. You are so elegant and graceful and it shows how much you love Ballet. You are an incredible teacher and I look forward getting to work with you more. You have a true genuine love for people, and that I admire. You are an inspiration in many ways. Thank you.

Ashley Lamos


          I have taken class with Miss Adriana at the Russian Ballet Academy of Orlando for nearly four months now, and I can't quite find the right words to say how much I appreciate all she has done for me!  I am a professional dancer, and I've had a series of unfortunate incidences in my career about a year and a half ago.  Long story short, I had two knee surgeries and one stomach surgery in less than a year, so needless to say, I was very nervous when I was finally cleared by my doctor to take ballet class again.  However, I knew as soon as I took my first class with Miss Adriana, that everything was going to be okay.  She has been so patient, kind and caring, all the while pushing me back to the strong and sophisticated dancer I was before.  Not only that, but she has given me the confidence I need to get back on that stage again.  I love dancing with all my heart, and on the hard days when I am struggling to push through the pain and swelling, Miss Adriana's passion for this art helps pull me through.   And that is something that I will never be able to repay to her.  Thank you so much Miss Adriana!

Sammie Johnson


It was such a treat taking your class tonight! I love your encouraging and playful approach to teaching. It can be intimidating to walk into a class as an adult beginner, but you always make everyone feel welcome and supported. You are amazing! Thank you!💗

Susie Peterson


        Adriana is amazing! We love her at the Crosby Wellness Center. She is such a great teacher. Radiant. Big inner Zen smile. 
I would take any class she taught. 

Ralph Losey                                                                              Thank you Ralph! It is a pleasure to teach you!


        Adriana has literally saved my life. When I say that it's because through her guidance as a core instructor with Pilates and Core Sculpt at the Crosby Wellness Center, she made me realize that all the back pain I live with on a regular basis can be managed and minimized. I would much rather spend my time and efforts with Adriana than at Physical Therapy (Which I have spent a lot of time and money doing). The pace, the moves, the reassuring guidance that Adriana provides keeps me coming back for more. When I have to miss a class or two I have a painful (back) reminder why I need her in my life. Thank You Adriana for proving to me that life doesn't have to be painful...but it does take a little work.

Dianne White 

                                                                                      Thank you so very much Dianne! You are such a special person and I’m so glad to be able to help you some how. I’m so luck to teach such a wonderful group.


       Adriana has become one of my favorite teachers since rejoining Crosby!  She is a professional and experienced instructor with a passion for helping people at all levels. 

Kathy Estes

                                                                                      Thank you Kathy! I’m so fortunate to teach our beautiful group at Crosby Wellness Center! 


    There is no doubt that Adriana is an accomplished elite ballerina.  What strikes me the most is her knowledge, teaching skill, and care for helping people at all levels.  A rare gem!  We are fortunate to have Adriana in our community.


Thank you Jean! What a beautiful testimonial! Thank you so very much!



     Adriana is a wonderful, patient and motivating instructor.  Her positive nature puts a smile on everyone's face when walking into class.  Instantly you feel a sense that she truly cares about her students and encourages them to be their best!  I had never taken pilates before her class, but quickly felt comfortable with her teaching style.  I try to attend every class she teaches at Crosby Wellness Center.  



Thank you DeLynn! I truly care about each student in class! I feel so fulfilled when my students are taking good care of themselves and achieving a better body conscience, elevating their minds and spirits!



    I have been taking stretching classes at Enders Park in Baldwin with Adriana for a year now. Her positive, encouraging, and friendly  attitude makes me smile even when I want to quit! She pays attention to each of the participants and sometimes I feel I have a  personal instructor. She makes sure I do as much as I can but not more (at 73 I am the oldest person in the class!) . She is a professional in every sense of the word and introduces new exercises and props that benefit our personal needs. I am very grateful for having her in my life. 

Irene Mills

What a beautiful testimonial Irene! I love you! I’m glad to have you in my life!

of themselves and achieving a better body conscience, elevating their minds and spirits!



I love   This class. Always different and always what I need. Adriana is a wonderful teacher. 

Katrena Luoni

Thank you Katrena!


    Adriana is very precise and methodical in her teaching of Pilates at the Center for Wellness in Winter Park...She always makes sure everyone is prepared to take her class....Plus she has the sweetest personality ever....and I Love Her Music....:-)

 Lynn Kelly

Thank you Lynn! I’m so lucky to teach such a great group! Thanks for your time writing this beautiful testimonial!


     "I've been attending Adriana’s mat stretching & Pilates class for 8 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Adriana is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every stretch class. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each class challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. I have incredible energy and my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Adriana will lead you every step of the way. Obrigado Adriana, você é o melhor!

Greg Reynolds

Thank you so much Greg for this beautiful testimonial!




     I have had many incredible ballet teachers, but Adriana surpasses them all. Not only in her ability and her detailed teaching, but also in her compassion for her students and willingness to help them in any way she can. When I moved away from Florida, one of the the hardest parts was leaving her classes. I had finally found a ballet teacher with every quality that I had wanted in a teacher and in a role-model. When I realized she offered online privates I wasted no time in requesting them. It has been an incredible experience. She alters the class on what you can do in your surroundings and she still finds a way to make class worth while. It is harder to pay attention to detail via online, but she does not let that stop her. She takes the extra time and energy to help you with your personal needs and she is so encouraging along the way. She doesn't push you with harshness, but with love. I highly suggest Adriana as a person, role-model, and ballet instructor for anyone and all ages. 

Ashley Lamos


    I took your class as a 50-year-old man never have any dance before and you made me feel so comfortable and at home. I hope the return in the future.

Troy Cox

I remember. You did a beautiful class! Thanks for writing! Now I should do your yoga class! All the best for you!


    Since the very first Pilates class that I took with Adriana, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! She is an incredible professional and has a perfect way to teach and to help EVERY SINGLE student, with kindness, and challenging us to always improve our movements.
Adriana also has background in Ballet. That means, during the class, she is paying attention if we are doing the exercises correctly, with beautiful posture, breathing, stretching and always remembering us to respect our bodies and limits. 
The best thing is, in regular or online classes, we always have a group with all ages participating together. We work the body and mind combined. We leave the class filling so much better and stretched.
Adriana classes are excellent! 

Amelia Santos

Thank you so much Amelia for this beautiful comment!



I love Adriana’s classes!  She always challenges us to do more while making sure we do the exercises correctly and safely. 

Kathy Smith


    I love Adriana’s classes. She is professional, helpful, and encouraging. She challenges us to do more while always having us respect our bodies. I know I have strengthened my core and back muscles which have been very helpful to me. Thanks

Valerie Borkman 


    3 months ago I broke my right wrist playing tennis. I have a permanent plate in my wrist now. 3 weeks ago I was released by my physician and Occupational Therapist to return to my fitness program which included Adriana’a Pilates and Stretch classes!   My doctor, therapist and and of course ME are amazed at my recovery !!!!!!  My range of motion has improved, my tendon and nerve damage is healing and most importantly I feel like myself again!!!! Thank you Adriana for your technique, knowledge, and love of movement-  you are truly a fitness healer.

Leigh Taylor

It is so good to hear that! Thank you so much for your comment! I wish you keep feeling each day better! Love, Adriana 


    During this time when in-person classes have mostly been discontinued, I feel very fortunate to have learned about Adriana’s Pilates classes via Zoom.
Her classes combine strengthening, flexibility, balance and breath work, in a well-organized progression of exercises. Adriana’s voice and the music are most pleasant and her gentle positive approach encourages us to challenge ourselves.
Zoom classes are not as desirable as in person classes, but I do not live in Florida and the pandemic continues, so it’s great to have her helpful virtual classes as an option. I highly recommend these lovely classes! 
Thank you Adriana!

Judy Kao

Thank you Judy! It is a pleasure having you in class with us!


    She is a beautiful dancer and very gracious encouraging teacher.

Josephine Hagan

Thank you Josephine! You are a beautiful dancer! I love having you in our virtual ballet class!


    Ms. Adriana really inspires me to be my very best. She is really dedicated & pours her heart into everything she does. Her attention to detail in helping me improve my technique while also being aware of injury prevention is really important to me. She goes above and beyond in every class and helps me to reach my full potential. I can't help but smile every class. She is such a nice and uplifting person too. Words cannot really express how thankful I am to have her as my teacher.

Miya Azure

Thank you Miya! You are a really talented student! It is a joy to teach you and see your progress in Dance. All the best for you!

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